I've launched MOTHER OF ALL!

I've spent some time writting music and recording an EP for my new one-man band. Its metal and its something I've wanted to do for a really long time. I'll be posting videos of me drumming the songs (with great sound and audio quality) soon. Just follow my youtube-channel: youtube.com/user/MartinHaumann1

The name Mother of All along with the music echoes the simultaneously beautiful and unforgiving elements that are experienced during our existence and found in nature itself.

An upcoming EP entitled ”Suppression” will be the first release by the band and all instruments and vocals on the EP are done by me. Release date, details and more information on ”Suppression” will be released soon.

The first single ”Three Generations of Punishment” portrays the brutal degradation that is taking place in the ”Total Controlled Zones” of North Korea. The song can be heard on the link below. A peek of the albums artwork created by artist Bahrull Martha of Abomination Imagery is also revealed.

Please follow Mother of All on facebook.com/motherofallofficial

Til alle trommeslagere i Aalborg og omegn!

Så er der startet et hold med fokus på metal-trommer på den rytmiske aftenskole! Med mig som lærer.


Jeg har desuden oploadet et uddrag af trommenoderne til nummeret "Stabwound" af Necrophagist på min hjemmeside for at give et indblik i nogle af de ting jeg arbejder med med mine elever.

Update August 2013

Der er sket en hel del i løbet af 2013. Nu har jeg endelig tid til at lave en lille opdatering.

På undervisningsfronten tilbyder jeg lige nu en gratis lektion til en heldig trommeslager. Det eneste det kræver er, at du deler min hjemmeside på facebook, så jeg kan få udbredt den til endnu flere elever. Derefter skal du blot sende en mail til “jmartinhaumann@gmail.com”.

Derudover har mit alternative jazz band “Shitpissnvomit” begået et album. Det er lidt noget andet end det som de, der kender lidt til mit musikalske virke, måske ville forvente. Det ligger i bandets natur at bryde forventninger og at udfordre vores lyttere. Vores plade fanger forhåbentlig denne ånd. Det er en anden side af min musikalitet end metallen, og jeg er meget stolt over den lyd vi har fået skabt!

Vi vil lægge en ny sang op hver uge i den nærmeste fremtid:

Shitpissnvomit on Soundcloud
Shitpissnvomit on Facebook

2012! A year full of exciting possibilities! - 3/4/2012

So this is my first update of many to come... And you! are one of the first visitors. So thank you for the time, whether you're a friend, fellow musician, future student or just somebody who got lost or entangled in the world-wide web.

I'm going to fill this page with the fruits of my big passion – music. As soon as possible I will put up some clips of me playing some parts of the great new songs we've made in Essence.

Right now we are playing our hearts out and working non-stop in Abyss studios to get our new labor of love out to our supporters. We're looking forward to finnishing this Swedish subzero-degrees-adventure! I'm psyched about laying down the drumtracks and breathing life into my new musical ideas. I feel that we are really creating something interresting and quite our own, individually and collectively.

I have a lot of ideas and plans waiting to be executed over the coming year. If you're thinking of contacting me about lessons, music or other things, don't hesitate to do so. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

You will definitely be hearing more from me.

All the best
Martin Haumann