I've launched MOTHER OF ALL!

I've spent some time writting music and recording an EP for my new one-man band. Its metal and its something I've wanted to do for a really long time. I'll be posting videos of me drumming the songs (with great sound and audio quality) soon. Just follow my youtube-channel: youtube.com/user/MartinHaumann1

The name Mother of All along with the music echoes the simultaneously beautiful and unforgiving elements that are experienced during our existence and found in nature itself.

An upcoming EP entitled ”Suppression” will be the first release by the band and all instruments and vocals on the EP are done by me. Release date, details and more information on ”Suppression” will be released soon.

The first single ”Three Generations of Punishment” portrays the brutal degradation that is taking place in the ”Total Controlled Zones” of North Korea. The song can be heard on the link below. A peek of the albums artwork created by artist Bahrull Martha of Abomination Imagery is also revealed.

Please follow Mother of All on facebook.com/motherofallofficial

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