Born January 19th 1988, I grew up always hitting pots and pans in my home. The pots and pans where replaced by school desks later, but the drumming never stopped. Eventually I got my own drumkit and I have been drumming ever since.

While in college three fellow students and I started the Metal band “Essence”. Upon graduating from College I travelled to London where I recieved a Certificate from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. When I returned to Denmark I began studying at the Royal Academy of Music. Here I'm currently finishing my Bachelor in “Drumset” and “Dance/Song/movement”. I have been teaching students privately for several years. I'm also a teacher at “Metal Academy Denmark” (2011 to present).

I have traveled around the world to get private lessons with:
Ndugu Chancler (Michael Jackson, Miles Davis etc.). Jazz, pop.
Hannes Grossman (Necrophagist, Obscura, Blotted Science). Technical Metal.
Peter Wildoer (Darkane, James Labrie, Dream Theater audition, ex-arch enemy member etc.). Technical Metal.
... And several notable Danish drummers in my pre-teens.


Album: "Shitpissnvomit" by Shitpissnvomit in 2013. Progressive Jazz, Fusion, Metal, Hiphop, classical. (Recorded LIVE. without Beat Detective, Elastic audio etc.)


Album: "Last Night of Solace" by Essence in 2012. Metal, Thrash, Progressive. Recorded at Abyss Studios with Peter T (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Children of Bodom, Pain, Hypocrisy etc).

Last Night of Solace

Album: "Lost In Violence" by Essence in 2009. Metal, Thrash, Progressive. (Recorded LIVE without Beat Detective, Elastic audio etc.)

Lost In Violence

Ep: “Art in Imperfection” by Essence in 2007. Metal, Thrash, Progressive.

Ep: “Renee Søndergaard” - by Renee Søndergaard in 2008. Singer/Songwriter.

Ep: “The wolf is loose” by “The Final Hour” in 2012. Metal, Melodic Metal. (only Drumset programming and Production).